• Goods procurement From reliable suppliers  
  • Commercial communication on the principles, Expediting and Business rules for procurement and contract
  • Product inspection during production and before shipment
  • Tasks related to shipping (container booking, insurance, etc.) Order entry, valuation and clearance


  • Consulting export for products from local producers
  • Determine the final price of the product in the target market.
  • Identification and validation of product marketing and potential clients
  • Contract of sale of goods by experts


Using all the applicable software and hardware, extensive cooperation with trustworthy local and international transportation companies, and experts fully aware of transportation and customs rules and regulations, enable us to deliver the consignments and shipments, in shortest possible time and with lowest possible price, through sea, land, air and railway.

The logistic team conducts these functions, choosing the most suitable routes and appropriate means of transportation, whichever meets the requirements of the orders.

Shareholders and specialists of the Company are remarkably experienced in the field of Material

trading including the import and export of Industrial, Food and Agricultural products. Trying to be creative in offering its services, the Company trade a vast range of products according to

the international standards, whilst considering the best quality, fair prices and the markets’ timelines.

The Company has succeeded in organizing products procurement in duly compliance with professional principles of supply chain, in a competitive environment with prominent international manufacturers, producers and suppliers.